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My not so useful apps collection (for Windows).

Here's my small software list who I maked. Those apps aren't sophisticated ones ( they are very simple tools), some useful, other have a certain sense of humor, other doesn't. I will publish more tools when i'm developing it. If you have any bug reports, ideas, claims, existential doubts, or anything else, feel free to contact me at: elsemi.en.i(at)gmail.com

Instant reggae button A tiny program that plays reggae music. Super-easy to use! Ideal for lazy ones who just want reggae music. Internet required!
Fuckin' Realistic Minesweeper Just a minesweeper who explodes generously if you lose the game (you don't see a X_X face in the real life. You will die). Put the volume loud to maximize the effect.
Lullaby A simple app who help you sleep and enter to the world of dreams with beautiful music. It plays music while it shuts off the screen and it will turn off your PC in a desired time. Music provided by http://108.pl/
Enzo Barbaguelatta's WIFI signal detector. My small WIFI signal detector tool. It indicates wifi signal strengh by a tone, like a metal-finder sound. Useful to fine-tuning signal strengh, find wifi signal locations, or just for fun.
Extreme maths Extreme math trivia. You will type answers of some math excercises of adjustable difficult levels. But if you make a mistake your PC will hang and show you an genuine Blue Screen of Death ;) (use with caution!) Ideal for learn math opressively.
WAVCast Small tool for hear and locate big collections of sounds. Ideal for video, music and game developers. Still in progress... ( TODO: Format conversion, playlists fixes, etc).