Friday, June 18, 2021

How to use Littera without flash support.

Not so long time ago, there was a Tool called Littera ( , a very pretty tool for creating Bitmap fonts from TrueType fonts in your browser! (apart from Font Studio and Angel Code’s BMFont and whatnot … I never liked these ones for one or two reasons). I personally used it a lot for many strange experiments over there made with Phaser.


Sadly, since Adobe Flash Player departure, this tool will noy run anymore in your browser (you could try by entering the link, you will run out of luck :P). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this tool anymore. There is an alternative way to use this (and no, is not enabling flash player in your browser or using a old browser), and it’s using it as a standalone program. I mean, you can run an standalone Adobe Flash Player executable that run .swf files, and then, run Littera there! I used it in that way and It worked like a charm!


So, you want to run Littera on your own? You will need:

How to use it:

Easy as cake.

  1. Execute your Flash Player standalone executable. You will obtain a blank window.
  2. Grab littera.swf (or use Open prompt) to that blank window. Probably will freeze for a few seconds; don’t worry: It´s normal. Then Littera will boot as always, and you can use it almost exactly as you used it in browser.

Some final words. Remember, please, remember, I would consider this as abadonware. Remember all security flaws Flash Player has. I don’t mean you will get filled with viruses and whatnot, but keep this in mind if something don’t work as expected, okay?

Happy experimenting with multimedia!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

(Attempt to) Fixing virtualized Fedora desktop not resolution autoresizing at host window resizing.

For XYZ reason I needed to setup a virtualized (VMWare on Windows) Fedora machine on my host. Everything went fine (despíste some BSOD due some crappy experiments in parallel but that’s another story :D ) in setup. However, I noticed that desktop resolution does not automatically resize when you change the VM window size (that’s really uncomfortable!); so after checking things like open-vm-tools-desktop were installed and such, I figured the following:

Wayland seems to have some issues there, so for me at least, the solution was switch my VM back to Xorg; configuring GDM (GNOME desktop manager) for that. How do you do that?

  • Edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf as root (in a hurry? Put sudo nano /etc/gdm/custom.conf in a terminal).
  • Search # WaylandEnable=false and uncomment it. That will make in next reboot GDM will use XOrg instead.
  • Save changes (Ctrl-O if you use nano), and reboot.

That should work :D (be patient, the resolution changed after login)!

Src: https://askbot.fedor … ing-to-host-console/

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