™ Tile Data Generator v1.3.1 Instructions

About GameBoy™ Tile Data Generator

GameBoy™ Tile Data Generator is a HTML5 / JS web application that will convert bitmap images to hexidecimal data appropriate for use in tile based graphical applications, specifically Nintendo® Gameboy™ (DMG) software. More information about GameBoy™ programming can be found here. Designed and developed by Chris Antonellis Fall 2012.


  1. Click on Input Image canvas to select an image. Input images are limited to 128KB and 512px width and height.
  2. Hex data will be automatically generated under Data Output.
  3. Use the Options inputs to alter the output as you require. Data output will be regenerated automatically.
  4. Click on the Download Data link in the top right to download the output data as a .inc file.

Browser Compatibility

Note: Safari 5.2 and IE 9 do not support HTML5 File API or FileReader at this time.
No browser testing has been performed.
Unsupported browsers are not available for Linux.

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